Oracle On Linux

Over past several years Linux is taking its grounds in the backyards of IT shops - in datacenters. Oracle has been an early supporter of Linux and in fact, Oracle was the first commercial database available on Linux. Oracle is fully commited to supporting Linux and it is one of the priority platforms for Oracle.

And a big sign of Oracle's support for Linux is Oracle's internal migration from Sun Solaris to Linux:

"Oracle will finish switching its 9,000-person in-house programming staff to Linux by the end of 2004..."
"In October 2003, the company finished the Linux transition for the 5,000 programmers of its Oracle Applications software.
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Pontis is a proud supporter of Oracle's Unbreakable Linux initiative. We have implemented numerous Oracle databases with Real Application Clusters (RAC) on Linux and have gained a valueable experience during these projects. We can help to bulid very cost-effective solutions that would maximize your ROI by combining low-cost Linux platforms with enterprise class Oracle database and applications.

In addition to cost advantages, Linux brings stability, performance and the advantage of open source that you will not find in major commercial OS.

Please feel free to contact us to get a free advice on how you can save money and improve performance and stability with Oracle on Linux.