DBA Coaching

Pontis offers a training and mentoring program for its client's staff. The program offers the experience and procedures of Pontis staff in a capacity that allows client staff to function as database administrators without the full training of a certified DBA. We call it DBA Coaching.

Our DBA Coaching program offers expertise in
  • Oracle software how-to
  • performance tuning and maintenance
  • data management and instance maintenance
  • operations procedures
  • the Oracle development environment
  • application tuning
  • data analysis & design
Whether you are training a DBA of your own, or your DBA simply requires some answers, we offer our Coaching service as an add-on to our support packages.

Additionally, our Coaching service provides client staff with materials on a proactive basis. Such materials will typically include:
  • technical advisories such as the release of bug fixes
  • special training that derives from our analysis of the client's technical needs (e.g. areas where performance can be improved)
  • newletters containing tips and code, with such features as:
    • making the most of RITM's web-based snapshot reporting tools
    • tips on performance tuning and maintenance
    • maintenance scripts
  • an evolving list of additional services