Pontis offers database consulting services both in conjunction with and independently of remote DBA service. Our consulting service is geared towards enabling our clients to optimize their system performance through technical expertise, understanding of business processes, and close collaboration with the client. Our consulting service s conducted by recognized experts in the field of database administration.


  • comprehensive assessment of system configuration and procedures
  • application performance analysis and tuning
  • database software tuning
  • recovery planning and testing
  • fault tolerance review and planning
  • training and mentoring of on-site support staff
  • professional reporting

Custom database administration

Every database is unique in its purpose and implementation. As a result, every database requires custom installation and administration. We will work with you to develop your database from its installation forward.

Database backup and recovery

The data driving your business is irreplaceable. And you can't do business when you can't get at that data. Pontis can work with you to build the level of data availability you need. Backup and recovery plans, fault tolerance, disaster planning - we develop these strategies with you at the outset so that you never lose a bit of data.

Oracle High Availability solutions

For many businesses downtime of the database means lost revenue and lower customer satisfaction. This is especially true for the Internet application running on Oracle database. Our experience with High Availability and Fault Tolerance solutions is of a great value to you if you need to make your database and application fault tolerant and available all the time. What we offer in this area is:
  • Analysis and recommendations on HA requirements
  • Design of HA architecture appropriate for the requirements
  • Data Guard and standby database configurations
  • Oracle Real Application cluster setup

Database and application performance tuning

Database and application tuning is an intricate process requiring not only know ledge of the software's mechanics but insight into how the system is used. At Pontis, we almost see it as an art form. We excel at making your database and application systems run faster - so you can achieve greater performance and user/client satisfaction.

Worry-free consulting

Pontis consulting is worry free. We offer:
  • competitive rates
  • clear & consistent billing
  • adaptive response to business requirements
  • and focus on database performance and operations

Remote database management

When coupled with our remote database management service, our consulting service is supplemented with:
  • 24x7 automatic problem notification
  • 24x7 monitoring and incident response
  • regular performance reporting
  • monthly systems reviews
  • real-time online performance monitoring*
*available with Silver & Gold packages only. Contact us today to learn more about our service and rates.