Having worked with Oracle for quite a number of years, we have lot of knowledge about it that we just can't keep to ourselves. This is how the idea about came up putting some of the things that we know into a series of articles that will tell about different aspects of working with Oracle - from basic administration to performance tuning. This section of our website will be evolving over time and we welcome any suggestions on what you would like us to write about. Aslo, please feel free to ask us any questions that you might have about Oracle. We will answer your question to the best of our knowledge and probably will start publishing the answers here as well. Our belief is that we have something to teach you about Oracle as well as you have something to teach us.

Oracle optimizer and selects from collection types
by Paul Tabashov
Describes the behavior of Oracle optimizer when selecting from Oracle collection types. Gives a practical advice on how to overcome some of optimizer shortcomings.
Tweaking stored outlines
by Paul Tabashov
Describes how to make SQL statements use hints without changing SQL code.
Oracle on Windows Memory Allocation
by Paul Tabashov
Specifics of running Oracle on Windows. TWeaks to use give more memory to Oracle