G/Technology Oracle Services

Partnership with Intergraph

Pontis is proud to be a partner with Intergraph Corporation in providing Oracle related services to Intergraph's G/Technology customers. We bring our knowledge of Oracle technologies to companies using G/Technology products - G/COMMS, G/Electric, G/Gas, G/Water.

Our Real Life Experience with G/Technology

We are the experts in tuning Oracle database and application in G/Technology implementations. We helped several Intergraph customers in G/COMMS and G/Electric projects. The most prominent is G/COMMS project with Bell Canada - probably the largest deployed G/Technology implementation to date. It features over a thousand users and over several hundred gigabyte of data.
Pontis played an important role in addressing scalability issues and tuning both database and application for such a large implementation. Time spent on this project brought us valuable experience on tuning Oracle database specifically for G/Technology.

What we offer

We offer special services to G/Technology customers in addition to our standard offerings. These services feature application-specific database tuning and support as well as high availability solutions:
  • Application and database configuration review for compliance with G/Technology implementation "best practices".
  • Database and application availability and performance monitoring.
  • Analysis of availability, backup and recovery strategies.
  • Optimization and tuning of batch and maintenance processes (DDC publishing, batch loads, data conversion and interfaces).
  • Assistance with development of interfaces between G/Technology and third-party applications
  • Remote support of G/Technology database and application.
  • Trainings and coaching in supporting G/Technology database and application.
  • Emergency troubleshooting of performance problems.

    Contact us

    For more information you can contact your Intergraph account manager or us at 1-866-766-847 or intergraph@pontis.biz.